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RGS-AvaCam Publisher's Description

The easiest to use full featured WebCam tool to view your WebCam(s) or whatever video device you have installed (not just webcams) on your PC. A complete WebCam program designed with a intuitive user interface that makes AvaCam easy to use.


  • Possible to save images using motion detection!
  • Automatically save pictures on any interval, view, print, copy and edit your snapshots!
  • View the video full screen!
  • Resize the video source to any size you want (also full screen).
  • Record video and save them as AVI-files (using any compression available) to your hard disk.
  • Setup your video device with all available features your device has. And much more, and yes, it's still easy to use!
  • Unleash photographical effects on your snapshots to improve quality and more.
  • AvaCam can be used with more the one video device!
  • (Works smoothly even on a Pentium 200Mc/64Mb)

What's New in version 2.3:

  • New: Burst mode = save 10 frames in one click (take a 10 frame snapshot and saved in snapshot folder. Example: 'Burst19-08-08 14.44.09_frame0001.jpg) ...........Burst has replaced the copy button (copy still available in right-click options)
  • New: in Viewer- delete files with DEL-button (no confirmation dialog allowing fast deletion of sequential files)
  • New: in Viewer- size in KB is also shown next to the size in pixels
  • New: Disable video compression dialog (shown when recording so user can choose the compression format). When disabled the raw (uncompressed= largest but best quality) format is used.
  • New: right click options enables user to start Recording (ideal if Avacam is in Hidden Buttons mode)
  • New Pro Edition feature: Write system date & time direct onto the images (JPG/BMP) that are being saved (except in Save As...). Option in setup: Embed Date & Time onto images
  • bug fix: prevent (right-click) popup-menu options to freeze
  • bug fix: forces the main viewscreen to fit the size of the window if larger then default (after restart)
  • bug fix: when closing AvaCam when it was maximized the position and viewscreen was not restored
  • bug fix: always showing logo after leaving Setup, even if size of screen was too small
  • bug fix: resized window does not fit video screen after restart:
  • bug fix: Viewer- bug in showing the duration of the video
  • bug fix: Viewer- Clipboard copy - did not always copy the contents of the viewer
  • core enhancements allowing smoother actions
  • and other minor changes and fixes

What's New in Version of RGS-AvaCam

'Now supports most types of high resolution CAM's, alas not all yet.
'New in Setup: select the way that Avacam tries to find available high resolutions of a device
'New in Viewer: Zoom!
'Motion detection improved with: (pro)
... centre focus of movement now has higher accuracy
... trigger modes: 6 new focal points of preference in the image added (trigger modus)!
... noise reduction filter
'New: Snapshot shortcut key added: ctrl+alt+c and F3
'New: True size of the snapshot is shown in the Viewer
'Using "Save As BMP": could sometimes cause error 380; fixed
... ... .. JPG True size" : could sometimes cause no true size image to be saved when selected; fixed
... .. ... When no filename is used a default filename will be shown
... ... .. Last used bitmap type is remembered
... ... ...Sometimes a small copy of the picture was shown inside the "True Size" picture after saving; fixed
'Save date/time stamp default format removed space with underscore_ , and date format issues fixed
'Left Side Text logo issues fixed. Renewed Side logo and Pro users can add their own!
'Windows 7 compatible
'Deleting a file in the "Viewer" causes Avacam to freeze; fixed

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